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Another No-Slip Stabilizer Tip!

No-slip stabilizer tip with

This little trick will help keep your stabilizer from sagging in the hoop!

I stitch a lot of in-the-hoop (ITH) projects, many of which require floating pieces on no-show mesh or fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer. Both of these are extremely thin and can sag or loosen in the hoop, no matter how tight you make it.

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Five Stabilizer Tips That Make a Difference

Stabilizer Tips with

As the foundation for your stitches, stabilizers play an important role in machine embroidery. These tips will help! There are so many variables with machine embroidery that advice is welcome, no matter how experienced that we are.  

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Stitching Templates for Perfect Fussy Cut Appliques

Stitching a Fussy Cut Applique Template

With applique, fabrics can really make the project and fussy cutting makes a big impact! One of the fun things about applique is that you can use fabric motifs to your advantage. 

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Why You Should Save Water-Soluble Stabilizer Scraps

Make Your Own Fabric Stiffener

What do you do with leftover water-soluble stabilizer scraps? Make a stiffening spray!

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Embroidering on Fleece: A Blanket for Ellie

Embroidering on Fleece

Whether it is blankets or clothing, fleece is a wonderful comfort fabric and a fun base for machine embroidery.

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Stabilizer Weights Simplified

Stabilizer Weights Simplified

If you need to use a lightweight tear-away stabilizer, do you know what that means?

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The One Stabilizer You Should Never Be Without

Spooky Buddies by

Do you think you need to have six or eight different stabilizers on hand? Maybe not!

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Eight Great Tips for Preventing Puckers

Sew Inspired by Bonnie Tips for Preventing Puckers

Is embroidery puckering a problem? These tips will help eliminate puckered projects!

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There’s an App for That: Free Stabilizer App


Did you know that your mobile device is one of the most useful notions in your sewing room?

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Tips for Storing Stabilizers

Stabilizers are the foundation for perfect embroidery. Here is how you should store them!

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