Tips and Tricks: Using a Stabilizer Bandaid

Stabilizer Bandaid

Here is an easy fix to patch holes in your stabilizer! We have all experienced a hole in our stabilizer at one time or another. Most of the time, you can save the project with a very simple fix.

A threading or needle malfunction can cause a thread nest or snag resulting in a hole or tear in our stabilizer. We have shown you how to use a stabilizer window. On a smaller scale, you can use adhesive or sticky stabilizers to patch smaller holes and tears.

While you can certainly cut a piece of perfectly fine stabilizer, bandaids can be made from certain stabilizer scraps. I have found this technique especially useful when stitching freestanding applique, cutwork, and freestanding lace.

Stabilizer Bandaid

Early in my experiments with freestanding applique, I used an adhesive tear-away in the hoop. One edge tore away from the stabilizer.

Stabilizer Bandaid

I cut a scrap of adhesive tear-away, peeled away the paper backing, and stuck it on the back of the hoop, smoothing the embroidery into place, and continued stitching.

Stabilizer Bandaid

With another freestanding applique design on fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer, I accidently cut through the stabilizer while trimming to my tack-down stitches.

Stabilizer Bandaid

I cut a “bandaid” from a scrap of sticky-backed water-soluble stabilizer, peeled off the paper backing, flipped the hoop over and pasted it over the cut. The design finished stitching and, after trimming close to the edge, I wet the stabilizer and patch to remove them.

Stabilizer Bandaid

If you like stitching cutwork, this bonus tip will come in handy! Small areas can be especially difficult to cut away without cutting through the water-soluble stabilizer. Using a buttonhole cutter inside the shape allows you to get your tiny scissors in there and trim close to the edge stitches.

Stabilizer Bandaid

Go ahead and cut through the stabilizer, trim to the stitch line, and add a sticky-backed water-soluble stabilizer bandaid on the back.

Stabilizer Bandaid

Finish stitching and you can wet the stabilizer patch inside the cutwork window to remove it.

Sew many uses!

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Donna Noll - February 23, 2024

    Great idea! Thanks!

  • Sherri Boatright - February 22, 2023

    Great tips! Thanks!! :)

  • Nancy Boccadoro - February 13, 2023

    What a great tip for doing cutwork designs. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Bonnie.

  • Bonnie Addison - February 13, 2023

    Bonnie great tip. I will be using it soon. I do get the tears sometimes. thank you

  • Debbie Henry - February 08, 2023

    Thanks for reading, Elise!

  • Elise Bosch - February 06, 2023

    Thanks for this great tip!

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