Snow Buddies Hanger

Nobody minds the snow when you have Bonnie’s Snow Buddies hanging around! I enjoyed stitching the Santa Buddies ornament and Ginger Buddies ornament so much, I had to try stitching a head version of Snow Buddies

Picture of machine appliqued snowman at Bonnie's Blog


I chose Snow Buddies number six 

Picture of machine applique snowman head at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

and, just like with the ornament projects mentioned above, this design was edited with Embrilliance to eliminate all but the face and hat.

Unlike the Santa Buddies ornament, which featured a beard for the lower edge of the design, the bottom edge of Snow Buddies is a smile. The Ginger Buddies ornament stitched much the same way.

Picture showing gap of placement stitches on Snow Buddies after design modification.

Placement stitches for the white GlitterFlex face stopped on either side of the smile with a jump stitch to connect after the design was modified in Embrillance.

Picture showing smile stitched to connect placement lines on machine appliqued design.

Once again, I stitched the smile before fusing the GlitterFlex face. That way, I could see where to trim the bottom edge of the white GlitterFlex. 

Picture of GlitterFlex added and trimmed around Snow Buddies head.

GlitterFlex was placed, trimmed, and fused for the Snow Buddies’ hat and face. Just know that since I stitched this project on wool felt rather than quilting cotton, it took a bit longer to fuse than normal.

The Santa Buddies ornament featured a beard for the lower edge of the design while the Ginger Buddies ornament featured satin stitching around the entire face for a perfect border. In retrospect, if I was to create this project again, I would allow a bit of GlitterFlex below the smile stitches to form a “chin.” 

Picture of Santa Buddies head at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

After embroidery, this little guy is just so cute! I trimmed the felt to size for a small wire hanger. Attached with two mini clothespins, the hanger was perfect for a snowflake stocking hook.

Picture of completed machine appliqued snowman on snowflake hanger at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

I purposely left the felt a bit long because I may add some text to the project. Stay tuned.

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie
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  • Debbie Henry - February 06, 2023

    Thanks, Janis – it’s an adorable design!

  • Debbie Henry - February 06, 2023

    You are right, Jo. Bonnie’s designs are so cute!

  • Debbie Henry - February 06, 2023

    Thanks for reading Kaye!

  • Kaye - January 31, 2023

    Awesome project. Thanks

  • Jo Williams - January 31, 2023

    Bonnie I might not embroider right now but designs always bring a smile

  • Janis Whitson - January 31, 2023

    So cute

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