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A Novel Way to Store Bolts of Stabilizer

Storing Stabilizer Bolts with

This non-traditional storage container is perfect for keeping bolts of stabilizer organized and protected!  I love when something that has no business in the sewing room fits a need like it should have always been there. After writing about stabilizer storage ideas a couple of weeks ago, I remembered another option.

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Embroidery Stabilizer Storage Tips 2

Stabilizer Storage Tips 2 with 

Stabilizers are the basis for all that we embroider and they are so many different kinds. These storage tips will help you keep them organized!

Since we touched on sewing room organization last time, I thought we’d talk a little bit about storing stabilizer. There are so many different types of stabilizers – washaway, heataway, tearaway, cutaway - as well as different weights.

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Substitute Embroidery Stabilizer? Stick to the Good Stuff!

Do you cringe when you see social media posts by machine embroiderers who stitch on coffee filters and dryer sheets or similar substitutes like food wrap? How about using hair spray instead of spray adhesive? 

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Using Water-Soluble Stabilizers in Embroidery

Water-soluble stabilizers (WSS) are extremely useful in machine embroidery and necessary in certain projects. Here are the most common types and uses.

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Tips and Tricks: Using a Stabilizer Bandaid

Stabilizer Bandaid

Here is an easy fix to patch holes in your stabilizer! We have all experienced a hole in our stabilizer at one time or another. Most of the time, you can save the project with a very simple fix.

A threading or needle malfunction can cause a thread nest or snag resulting in a hole or tear in our stabilizer. We have shown you how to use a stabilizer window. On a smaller scale, you can use adhesive or sticky stabilizers to patch smaller holes and tears.

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The Great Debate: Choosing Cutaway or Tearaway Stabilizers

Cutaway or Tearaway Stabilizer with

How do you know when to use tearaway stabilizer versus cutaway? Like the foundation of your home, stabilizers support the stitches you place upon them. If the foundation is not good, the structure isn't either.

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Stabilizer Scraps: Save Them or Pitch Them?

What to do with stabilizer scraps with

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Stabilizers are an essential part of machine embroidery. We all have plenty of fabric scraps but do you keep your stabilizer scraps? If so, what do you do with them?

It’s an interesting discussion, one that I recently read on social media. The results may surprise you. Of all who participated in the discussion (just under 100), about 95% said they not only saved their stabilizer scraps, they also used them.

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Four Tips for Stitching on Knits

Airplane Adventures machine embroidered applique by Sew Inspired by Bonnie
Does your t-shirt and sweatshirt embroidery pucker? These tips will help!

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Another No-Slip Stabilizer Tip!

No-slip stabilizer tip with

This little trick will help keep your stabilizer from sagging in the hoop!

I stitch a lot of in-the-hoop (ITH) projects, many of which require floating pieces on no-show mesh or fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer. Both of these are extremely thin and can sag or loosen in the hoop, no matter how tight you make it.

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Five Stabilizer Tips That Make a Difference

Stabilizer Tips with

As the foundation for your stitches, stabilizers play an important role in machine embroidery. These tips will help! There are so many variables with machine embroidery that advice is welcome, no matter how experienced that we are.  

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