Train Buddies Birth Announcement Project


When Bonnie released the Train Buddies designs, I instantly had an idea for an adorable keepsake project!

Train Buddies machine applique designs by Sew Inspired by Bonnie

When I first saw Train Buddies, I immediately thought that it would be perfect for a baby’s birth announcement. Too bad I don't have any new babies that need one!

Use machine embroidery editing software, like Embrilliance, to add lettering. The train and cars could each be used for different parts of the typical announcement:




time, weight in pounds and ounces, and length.


Put it all together, and you have a sweet family heirloom. 

You can follow Bonnie’s colors or, if the nursery has a particular color theme, change the GlitterFlex and thread colors to match.

Each separate part of the train could be stitched by itself and framed as a grouping on the nursery wall. You could also position them all together in one large piece with multiple hoopings, if you like. Get information on using templates for placing and stitching out multiple designs here.

Don't forget little girls. Mix and match the engines, cars, and colors to make just the right combination.

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  • Bonnie Welsh - June 16, 2020

    Kathleen—Why yes you could! Or with the parachute alphabet we also have. Dawn J. bought the planes and asked for a parachute alphabet to create a name alongside the planes to create a banner. It was really cute.

  • Kathleen De Verville - June 16, 2020

    You could do that with airplanes too, flying with a banner behind on it a birth announcement.

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