Unique Spaces for Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery

While it would be nice, we all don’t have a dedicated sewing studio. Here are some ideas to make your own creative space.

It is much easier to sew, quilt, and embroider when you have a dedicated place. If you do a search on Google or Pinterest, you can find all kinds of sewing room ideas and furniture you can buy.

There are also some really creative DIY projects using existing space and even existing or easy-to-find second-hand furniture. Clicking on the links below the photos take you to sites (where links are still active).

Creative Closet


Gwenny Penny Sewing Closet

Often, an underused closet can become an adorable sewing area by adding a table-top surface over existing or purchased storage drawers. Embroidery machines will need more real estate depending on their hoop size.


DIY By Design

This closet has the added bonus of a window which adds natural light.



If the idea of closet doors is a bit too claustrophobic for you, consider using curtains. A colorful desk makeover makes the space pop. While this is a craft closet, it would work equally well for sewing and embroidery.



This is by far my favorite. It takes the closet concept to a whole new level. The door-less corner closet acts as a recessed work and storage space, then wraps around the corner in a U-shape. That gives a lot of counter top area for hooping, ironing, stitching, editing, cutting fabric, and a computer station.

Armoires and Entertainment Centers



I love this armoire makeover. The genius addition of a folding table conserves even more room when it is not in use. Painted another fun color, being able to close up the armoire keeps everything safe and tidy.


If you are short on space, consider re-purposing an old entertainment center. Add a coat of paint, some baskets, peg board, and under-counter lighting for a cozy sewing nook.

Typically, the main shelf pulls out so you can sew and go. Close the doors when you are done and everything is out of site!

We'd love to hear your creative use of sewing and embroidery space!

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - January 09, 2023

    You are not alone, Janice! I love the idea of a closet nook that would keep all of my stuff out of sight. My small sewing room has been taken over by a lot of stuff that doesn’t belong. I need to make some changes!

  • Debbie Henry - January 09, 2023

    I agree, Elizabeth. Makes me look at my space differently!

  • Elizabeth - January 09, 2023

    Cute ideas

  • Janice Henson - January 09, 2023

    Love these. I sew in a closet as well. It use to be the kids toy closet in our den. I have selves on the sides and one up high on the back. My table is one I found that was made for an office that has a counter top type. It is a little wider than a regular desk. Works for me. I then have all my fabric in the basement. I have been asked how I stand it without any window. I am concentrating on what I am doing. Would love a special room but you make do what you have. I use to have one sewing machine that came out and I sewed on the kitchen table. So this is a big step up from that. I have to move my machines around as to what I am doing. My embroidery machine is not here but on a desk outside of the closet in the same room. Thanks for sharing that I am not alone working in a closet.

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