Eggsquisite Jewels Window Gift Bag Eggsquisite Jewels window gift bag project.

Here is a quick, last-minute project you can get done in time for Easter and learn a new design transformation trick all in one! It takes a slight twist on the traditional method of stitching Bonnie's gorgeous Eggsquisite Jewels designs.
I hooped a fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer and chose design 2 from Eggsquisite Jewels Eggsquisite Jewels window gift bag project.

Make sure your base fabric is large enough to create your gift bag. I cheated by using a linen napkin so that the bound edge would be at the top of the gift bag. I cut it on a fold so that it measured 17" wide by 11" tall. 

Hoop so that the "window" will be centered in the lower two-thirds of the bag height. Instead of adding the GlitterFlex or applique material (see how it's normally done here), just cut away the base fabric and applique a window of organza or netting instead. Eggsquisite Jewels window gift bag project.

When the applique placement stitch is done, carefully clip away the base fabric inside the stitch line (while fabric is still in hoop) but do not cut through the stabilizer.

Lay the organza or netting on top of the placement stitches and secure it in place with the tack-down stitches. Eggsquisite Jewels window gift bag project.

Embroider the designs inside the egg shape, then remove your hoop from your machine and trim the organza outside of the tack-down stitch line. Eggsquisite Jewels window gift bag project.

Continue stitching the rest of the design. Trim excess stabilizer and rinse away the rest. Lay it flat and press when dry.

With right sides together, stitch a seam down the side and across the bottom, then turn the bag right side out. Eggsquisite Jewels window gift bag project.

Add some Easter grass (and a treat or two) and tie it up with a pretty bow!



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  • Debbie Henry - April 17, 2019

    Chrystina, I believe this was a 20×20 napkin and I can get maybe two this size and a third a bit smaller.

  • Chrystina Power - April 16, 2019

    Really cute idea. How many bags can you get from a napkin???

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