Six months until Christmas. What should you be doing right now?

One of the reasons that we have a sewing or embroidery machine is because we love making beautiful things and Christmas gifts are on the list.

We always think we have plenty of time, but six months flies by in the blink of an eye. Before the annual holiday gift stitching marathon begins, this is one of the very first things that Bonnie recommends.

Get your machine serviced!

This may be even more important if you have already been doing a lot of sewing and embroidery during recent pandemic down time. Make an appointment now as some dealers may have reduced hours or limited technician scheduling. Check to see if they offer curb-side drop off and pick up.

When Bonnie worked for a dealer, the last quarter of the year was the busiest for machine repairs, mainly because that is when they are used the most. Heavy use merits annual service. At the very least, with average use, sewing and embroidery machines should be serviced every two or three years.

Your warranty spells out how often you must have your machine serviced by a qualified technician. This is in addition to the usual cleanings that you conduct routinely as regular machine maintenance.

If you have more than one machine, just service one at a time. That way, you still have a machine available for stitching projects. Beat the rush and schedule a machine checkup now, so that you will be in great working order when you need it most.

For more tips on getting prepared for holiday sewing early, check out this blog.

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  • Bonnie Welsh - July 20, 2020

    Marie—You definitely have bragging rights. That’s amazing! Sounds like your machine(s) could use a spa day. You’ve been working them hard. Can’t wait to see pictures of your books. I still need to make a couple for my grandchildren. =)

  • Marie Davis - July 20, 2020

    I do not mean to brag but for all the adults on my Christmas and perhaps birthday lists I am ready for this and next years Christmas and perhaps the next also. Right now I am trying to get all UFI’s finished so I can have the space where I have these in containers. Then I will be making books and wall hangings using Bonnies Airplanes and Cars designs for my 2 little Great Great Grandsons (2 and 3 yrs) as they are so into these. Thanks Bonnie for these…so cute!

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