What Do You Love Most About Machine Embroidery?

What is your favorite part of machine embroidery? See how your answer ranks on this list!

Following up on last week’s blog about your top dislikes of embroidery, this week we look at your favorites. Here is how the responses from Bonnie’s Facebook post ranked.

Four answers stood on their own. One said they loved “everything” about embroidery. Another, “everything except hooping.” One response liked that you can multi-task while embroidering. Best yet, machine embroidery is “cheaper than therapy.”

10% said

  • Seeing the final product:
    "After I finish, I can’t believe that I actually made it!"

13% said

  • Making unique, professional-quality items that are meaningful:
    "It's meaningful to those who want their things embroidered. It usually become a family heirloom."

15% said

  • The creative process from design selection to completion:
    "I love the design process and then I get to see it as a finished product. It’s like being both the architect and carpenter."
  • Watching the machine do it’s magic:
    "I am always totally amazed as I watch the machine do it’s thing and knows what to do. It always blows my mind."

18% said

  • Creating and giving beautiful gifts:
    "I love making projects for friends that say, 'I can't believe you made it and didn't buy it.'"

The top thing that embroiderers love the most is:

25% said

  • The pride and satisfaction of accomplishment:
    "I love how proud my husband is when I show him the project ... even when I've made boo-boos!"

 What do you love most about machine embroidery?




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  • Bonnie Welsh - July 20, 2020

    Heather—Yes! Those times when we’re holding our breath hoping and it works! We all have those moments. =)

  • Heather Bilbrough - July 20, 2020

    I love it when an embroidery comes out well, especially when it has been difficult to design

  • Bonnie Welsh - July 15, 2020

    Betty—Agreed! There’s just something about machine embroidery that’s so professional and takes our sewing to the “next level”.

  • Bonnie Welsh - July 15, 2020

    Denise—Completely agree! After all these years, I still enjoy seeing the embroidery come to life!

  • Bonnie Welsh - July 15, 2020

    Darlene—It can be challenging knowing the perfect “recipe” between fabric, design and stabilizer(s). But sooooooo rewarding. =)

  • Betty Gresham - July 13, 2020

    The challenges it brings . The amazing finished product that I can say yes I made it .

  • Denise Folse - July 13, 2020

    I love watching the stitch out. I am always amazed at how beautiful each color adds to the design.

  • Darlene Gorczyca - July 13, 2020

    When my mojo is up and running, I have to say that my fav part of embroidery is the entire process. So much to know – which stabilizer, what colors of thread, hoop size etc. Some peeps, who don’t do ME but do other crafts, think its soooo easy and “the machine does it all”. I have, on several occasions, challenged them to give it a try!! They soon find out for themselves that it’s not so simple. A few now own their own machines!! HA HA😉

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