What is Your Least Favorite Part of Machine Embroidery?

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Some time ago, Bonnie asked what we least liked about machine embroidery. See how your answer fits with those that responded!

It is always fun to see how our fellow stitchers feel about things. No matter how much we enjoy embroidery, there is at least one thing of which we are not particularly fond of. Here is how Bonnie’s Facebook opinion poll played out.

1.7% said:

  • Badly digitized designs – fortunately, you won’t find that with Sew Inspired by Bonnie!
  • Broken needles – get tips in this blog
  • Cleaning up the mess – me too!
  • Interruptions – good one!
  • Needle in the finger – been there, done that!
  • Prep work – get tips in this blog
  • Removing stabilizer
  • Too many different stabilizers – check out this blog
  • Trimming applique
  • Turning off the machine to go to bed – another good one!

3.6% said:

  • Choosing fabric/item to embroider
  • Downloading/unzipping/transferring designs
  • Not enough time – amen sister!
  • Threading the needle

5.3% said:

  • Choosing thread colors
  • Cutting jump stitches

7.1% said:

  • Changing the bobbin – are they ever full enough?
  • Problems with the machine/stitchout/broken thread

12.5% said:

  • Changing thread colors

And the number one thing that embroiderers dislike:

26.8% said:

Hooping/design placement – get tips in this blog 


Do you agree? Feel free to comment with any that we missed!

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  • Bonnie Welsh - July 15, 2020

    Heather—Hooping isn’t fun but I like the results better with hooping. =)

  • Heather Bilbrough - July 15, 2020

    My least favourite is hooping especially slippery fabric.

  • Bonnie Welsh - July 09, 2020

    Darlene—Sometimes life gets crazy and can mess with our sewing mojo. Give yourself permission to step back, just look at magazines, enjoy the outdoors, or just “chill” and get refreshed. Couldn’t agree more about unnecessary jump stitches in a design. That’s a pet peeve of mine too and while you won’t find them in my designs. =)

  • Darlene Gorczyca - July 06, 2020

    Right now I seem to have lost my embroidery mojo. Has anyone seen it??? I’d love to find it, so much to do but can’t seem to get motivated.😟

  • Darlene Gorczyca - July 06, 2020

    I don’t mind cutting jump threads BUT it’s the UNNECESSARY jump threads that are annoying. Designers need to digitize the cut command more frequently and in the right places to eliminate such threads.

  • Bonnie Welsh - July 06, 2020

    Sharon—I think placement and hooping are definitely more challenging, but so glad my tips have helped! =)

  • Bonnie Welsh - July 06, 2020

    Macky—With all of the innovations that are out there, you’d think something could be done regarding bobbin thread. =)

  • Sharon Schroeter - July 06, 2020

    I have to agree, placement & hooping are my least favorite part of machine embroidery, but your tips have helped alot!

  • Jackie Leona Branscum - July 06, 2020

    Replying to Macky, or if they’d just make the bobbin come out the front so we wouldn’t have to take hoop out. Just a slide drawer like a cd/dvd tray.

  • Macky - July 06, 2020

    Changing an empty bobbin…..
    Why can’t the machine designers install a post in the rear to hold a spool of thread, or better yet a cone and make the thread feed into the bobbin case???

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