The Most Ridiculous Things a Machine Embroiderer Would Never Say!

Things a Machine Embroiderer Would Never Say

Tongue-in-cheek sayings to make you laugh.  Feel free to comment with your own!

As creatives, we often joke about our well-stocked “resource centers”.  My husband teases me about my extensive fabric “collection”. Here are some of the more ridiculous things you would likely never hear another machine embroiderer say.

I don’t need any more thread.

… said no machine embroiderer ever. We love thread. All kinds of thread. You can read about different thread types here.

I can easily find my embroidery designs.

If only that were true. We offer tips on organizing machine embroidery designs here and even show you cataloging programs that help keep designs in check.

I don’t need any more supplies, even if they are on sale.

Things like needles, thread, and stabilizers are all things that we will use in the future and they are not like fresh groceries that are perishable. It is smart to buy the supplies you need when they are on sale. By keeping supplies organized, you know when you need to re-stock.

My embroidery room is big enough and everything is in its place.

Hardly, right? See how Bonnie organized her thread here. You can keep your thread in order using this genius thread tray from Laser Bee Studios. They even have a great thread storage system you can read about here.

Bonnie also shares great tips for organizing fabric here.

I don’t need a bigger hoop.

Hoop sizes matter and bigger hoops mean that you can create larger projects. Hoop measurements can be confusing but we have summarized what they mean here.

Every project stitches out perfectly the first time.

We all know that isn’t so. That is just one reason why test sews or discovery sews are so very important. You can read about test sews here. They are the only way to be sure that you are using the right combination of stabilizers, tension, fabric, thread, and design.

What are some other things machine embroiderers would never say?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - July 31, 2023

    Another good one, Judy!

  • Judy - July 24, 2023

    There is someone in one of my embroidery group that said she new nothing about machine embroidery until she watched videos on YouTube. She went out bought a embroidery machine. She picked a tree skirt for her first project. It was perfect and not a wrinkle anywhere. I have my doubts that that was her first project. She is not the only one that has said that.

  • Debbie Henry - July 24, 2023

    You’re among friends, Patti, LOL!

  • Patti - July 20, 2023

    So true! Glad to know I’m not alone :-)

  • Debbie Henry - July 18, 2023

    Thanks for reading, Susan!

  • Susan McDonald - July 18, 2023

    Thank you so much for your ideas. It is always interesting to hear new opinions.

  • Bonnie Welsh - July 17, 2023

    Cheryl—You’re most welcome!

  • Cheryl Froid - July 17, 2023

    Thanks for sharing

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