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Another Option for Sharpening Scissors

Some dealers no longer sharpen scissors. So what is the alternative?

We all need to get our scissors sharpened from time to time. It is an especially good idea before the busy season of holiday sewing is upon us.

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Six months until Christmas. What should you be doing right now?

One of the reasons that we have a sewing or embroidery machine is because we love making beautiful things, and Christmas gifts are on the list.

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Are You Ready for Holiday Projects?

Santa Buddies by

Like cramming for a big test, I’ll share tips on how to get ready for the biggest sewing and embroidery event of the year!

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5 Tips for Smooth Sailing Embroidery

Sew Inspired by Bonnie tips for smooth sailing embroidery
Do you want to create your embroidery projects with as little fuss as possible and have everything turn out just the way you like it? Read on for 5 tips for smooth sailing embroidery.

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Planning for Holiday Sewing

Planning for Holiday Sewing with
It's that time of year! Can you believe we have less than three months until Christmas? Are you ready for holiday sewing? I'll share some tips for making your holiday gift sewing more . . .

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