Five Things Machine Embroiderers Can Do While Social Distancing

Embroidery Projects at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

In these unprecedented times, there are some things you can control, like spending down time in a constructive way.

Wherever you are, we are praying that you and yours are safe and well. While most everyone is housebound or, at the very least practicing social distancing, make the most of this time. Here are five things machine embroiderers can do:

1. Make an Easter Project

Eggsquisite Jewels machine embroidery at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Eggsquisite Jewels

    From adorable bunny hangers, to an egg wreath, to beautiful GlitterFlex eggs, there are several fun projects to make, just in time for Easter.

    2. Get Organized

    Thread organization for machine embroidery at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

      I have spent the past week cleaning and organizing my sewing area. It was long overdue. Having everything in it’s place makes embroidering so much more fun. Instead of wasting time looking for things, I can now spend that time actually making something.

      Be sure to check out Bonnie’s blogs for tips on organizing your thread and organizing your fabric. Cleaning up also helps you to take inventory of supplies you will need to replace.

      3. Clean Your Equipment

      Cleaning tips for your embroidery machine at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

        How long has it been since you cleaned out your bobbin area? Are your hoops a sticky mess? Check out these tips for how to clean them. Your cutting mat could use a refresh, too.

        4. Get Started on Christmas Projects

        Christmas Cookies machine embroidery designs at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

        Christmas Cookies

          It’s never too early to get started. Start thinking about project ideas. Even if you do not want to start creating them, you can get projects prepped. That way, you can just sit down and sew when you are ready.

          5. Learn a New Technique

          Wing Needle machine embroidery at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

          Wing Needle Butterflies

            Now is a good time to try something new. Would you like to learn how to applique? How about stitch with a wing needle, create a mitered border, embroider a candle or towel? Not only are there blogs for these techniques, the blogs link to some great videos that Bonnie has created.

            What are you working on?

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            • Bonnie Welsh - April 01, 2020

              Terry—Great tips! Thank you!

            • Bonnie Welsh - April 01, 2020

              Bev—I’’d love to see pictures of your pillow when you get finished. You can send them to . I’m so touched by all the stories of those making masks. So very needed at this time. Bless you!

            • Terry Stahlman - March 31, 2020

              I too have my threads mounted on golf tees. One thing that helps too. is using those rubber wraps around your threads so threads don’t unravel and marking the wrap round with thread number.

            • BevM - March 30, 2020

              I bought the Glitter Flex egg embroideries, an am anxious to stitch some onto pillows! I have been sewing medical masks through our church, at the request of local hospitals.

            • Bonnie Welsh - March 30, 2020

              Marjorie—Thank you very much for the prayers. They’re very much appreciated right now. Be sure to send me pictures of your project(s) when you finish to We’d all like to see and be inspired by one another. =)

            • Marjorie Brown - March 30, 2020

              Praying you and your family are well too. I think I’m going to make exquisite egg napkins! Thank you for your beautiful designs and the how to videos. I appreciate them.

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