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St. Patrick’s Day Clover Project and Free Text Files!

This month, we celebrate the luck of the Irish and Bonnie has the perfect design to do just that. Just add GlitterFlex to a four-leafed clover and it’s pure magic!

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Fun, Free Text for Frog Buddies!

Froggie Fun with

Bonnie’s new Frog Buddies set is so adorable! I’ll show you how I created some free text you can use for fun projects!

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BX Fonts: What’s the Big Deal?

BX Fonts

BX fonts are a game changer in machine embroidery. If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out. Here’s why!

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Ginger Buddies Ornament: Tips and Tricks

Bonnie’s Santa Buddies ornament project turned out so cute that I decided to create another one using Ginger Buddies. You can use many designs to create ornaments this way but may need to tweak it a bit to make it work. I’ll show you how!

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Stitching Ornaments in a Group With Embrilliance

Adding Multiple Files in one Hoop With Embrilliance

Typically, when we stitch Christmas ornaments, we stitch a bunch. I’ll show you how to combine several files into one hoop to save time and avoid pitfalls using Embrilliance.

Bonnie’s Christmas Cookies are one of my all-time favorites. We have shown you how to create freestanding applique ornaments or gift tags. Now I will show you how to stitch out a bunch at one time.

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Just Bloom: Keeping Text in Position With Embrilliance

Embrilliance text tips with

I’ll share a text tip and give you free files, too!

As I was working on a new project using Bonnie’s new Butterfly Buddies, I learned a little trick that I wanted to share. I use Embrilliance software for basic design editing and adding text. I have shared text with you for several projects. One thing I have not been able to do is to save the text in a specific place. I can save it if it is centered but if I place it in a specific place, it becomes centered when I resave it in Embrilliance. Until now.

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Quilt Your Block Before Embroidery!


Picture of machine embroidered cow with quilting from Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Most often, blocks are embroidered before quilting. See how you can quilt the block before adding embroidery!

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Why You Should Save Working Files in Embrilliance

When combining or editing embroidery designs, always, always, always save a working file.

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Adjusting Design Sizes in Embrilliance

What if your machine embroidery design file is too large for the place it is intended? I’ll show you how to reduce design size and save the day!

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Adjusting Text in Embrilliance

Santa Buddies machine applique by Sew Inspired by Bonnie

If you liked last week's Santa Buddies Countdown to Christmas project, I'll share some tips on how I adjusted the text.

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